> A Melting Pot of How To: Learn ASL to Bring the Hearing and Deaf Communities Together

Friday, December 5, 2014

Learn ASL to Bring the Hearing and Deaf Communities Together

Learn Sign Language & Help the Hearing and Deaf Cultures Have a Better Understanding

As a parent of a child who is deaf, learning ASL (meaning American Sign Language) so that I could teach my child ASL to provide a sure a way of communication and help my child learn the necessities of life, as well as provide my child with the ability to communicate with grandparents who also happen to be deaf, I have learned so much about both the hearing and deaf communities. Having grown up in the hearing community and learning what I have learned about the deaf culture as well as the hearing culture, has made such an impact on me that it brought me to make this post, as I could not continue my life as a parent of a deaf child and feel that I did all that I could do to provide the best for my child if I did not bring what I have learned to the attention of both cultures to try to bring the two communities together. 

The division of the hearing and the deaf is devastating, not just to the deaf culture (believe it or not) but to the hearing culture as well.  This division is the lack of understanding, and it is the lack of understanding that causes adversity in any culture.  This distressing factor is why I have decided to make available, to those who are willing to help me bring the deaf and hearing communities together, free sign language worksheets, ASL flash cards, sign language videos, and other ASL materials that I created to help teach my deaf child.
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Free ASL Learning Materials

I hope that whoever comes across this information will take the opportunity to learn ASL for free , not just because it will help bring the two cultures together, but because it is an amazing experience to see and understand sign language, and I wanted to share that experience with everyone.
So without further delay here is the first ASL lesson you will need ASL alphabet worksheet.   It is a worksheet that I created to help my child practice writing letters in the alphabet and learn the ASL alphabet.

As there are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language according to the estimate by the Global Language Monitor on January 1, 2014, and hands can only move so many ways, American sign language consists of a combination of finger spelling, expressive body language, and hand sign gestures. Thus learning the ASL alphabet is a great place to start when learning American sign language.